Red Wing Wacouta Backpack in Copper / Tan Leather

The Wacouta Backpack is inspired by classic packs, with construction updates that provide modern comfort and lasting durability. Reinforced stitching and heavyweight leather straps ensure each pack stands up to the rigors of everyday hauling.

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Red Wing

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Our Wacouta Backpack is made with Red Wing oil-tanned leather and water-resistant waxed canvas from Fairfield Textile (est. 1838). The pack measures 16 inches wide by 19 inches tall, with a 10-inch flap that is secured by leather straps and brass buckles. The pack is extremely durable and is built to last for years of daily carry. The Wacouta Backpack is American-made with the same purposeful design and construction that built the legend of Red Wing footwear. Strong leather, solid brass, and traditional construction creates a companion that stands the test of time and ages beautifully.